Riding E-bikes on Wisconsin State Trails

Q: Can I ride my electric bike on Wisconsin State Trails?

A: Yes, mostly.

With the exploding popularity of electric-powered “e-bikes,” many are wondering if electric bikes can be used on Wisconsin’s excellent recreational trails.

With only a few exceptions, e-bikes are allowed on most state bicycle touring trails, as long as they do not exceed a 15 MPH speed limit. And electric bikes are allowed on virtually all Wisconsin bicycle trails as long as they are used without the motor engaged. Like all other bikes, e-bikes require a Wisconsin State Trail Pass.

Note that NO e-bike capable of more than 30 MPH is permitted on any state trails that do not specifically allow motorcycles.

When riding your e-bike on the Glacial Drumlin State Trail, follow all the usual cycling rules of trail etiquette: remain aware, be considerate, and slow down and ride single-file when passing or meeting others. As e-bikes can sometimes sneak up on and surprise other trail users, be sure to use an audible signal.

Learn more, and see the complete list of Wisconsin bicycle trails here.

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