London & Cambridge, Wisconsin

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If you embark upon the Glacial Drumlin State Trail to ‘get away from it all,’ you’ll find plenty of that here in London, Wisconsin. Unlike its English counterpart, this London is usually a quiet shady retreat from the open fields and meadows found along the trail. Notable sites are the Moravian Church and the Community Center, both just north of the trail on Hwy O/134.

The nearby village of Cambridge—population: 1,500—just three miles to the south, offers many additional amenities. The charming Victorian downtown boasts several cafes and restaurants, galleries and shops, and more.

Enjoy your visit to London & Cambridge!

CamRock County Park Bike Trails

The CamRock Trail System has a little something for everyone.

Scenery and wildlife along the creeks, fast and fun berms, oak savannahs, and prairie sections. Everything from flat tight twisty trails, berms and rollers, fast and flowy sections, to sketchy rock sections.