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About the Trail

Named for the distinctive elongated hills left behind by the Wisconsin glaciers during our last ice age, the Glacial Drumlin State Recreation Trail stretches 52 miles from Cottage Grove near the Wisconsin capitol of Madison to Waukesha.

Built in 1986 on an abandoned Chicago and Northwestern Railroad corridor, the route is now a multi-use recreation trail for walking & running, hiking, biking, skiing & snowshoeing, even snowmobiling.

The Glacial Drumlin State Trail is also a great place for birding, nature photography, cycling, or just stretching your legs to enjoy the spring wildflowers or fall colors.

Along the way, the trail passes through or near twelve Wisconsin towns large and small (okay, mostly small), but offering everything a traveler might need, from lodging and dining, unique shopping experiences, fun family events, and more!

About the Visitors Guide

GlacialDrumlinTrail.com is the free interactive visitors guide, connecting you with the places and people that make the Glacial Drumlin State Trail a unique recreational destination.

Simple and convenient, the mobile trail guide helps visitors on the move easily find dining, lodging and camping, attractions, local events, and a growing index of other resources.

So whether you’re hiking, biking, skiing, or snowmobiling, the mobile-ready GlacialDrumlinTrail.com goes wherever you go!